StocksLegal - Personal Injury Solicitors

Case Study - StocksLegal - Proclaim Case Management Reporting

Stocks Legal are personal injury solicitors specialising in personal injury resulting from road accidents, criminal injury, and work place accidents.


Stocks handle around 150 cases per month and need to produce numerous reports to assist decision making in the business. Stocks have a claims management system called Proclaim which they use to handle their claims process. While this is mostly working for them, they have found it difficult to extract the information they need, in the format they need it in and in a timely fashion.
This has resulted in a disproportionate amount of time being spent compiling reports each week, which obviously costs money.

How JW Software helped - Proclaim reporting suite

After various meetings with IT Manager Paul Berry, Stocks decided to commission a bespoke reporting system which took the data from Proclaim and generated a suite of reports which Stocks could easily run whenever they wanted.
The reports are all web based and are therefore accessible by anyone in the business with a web browser.
They run almost instantaneously which means that the business has the information they need when they need it.

Taking the data out of the Proclaim database and into a separate database has enabled Stocks to realise much faster, more flexible reporting which has saved time and money throughout the business.